When we fall in love it is an amazing thing. The world is a wonderful place and we are fully alive and connected. It is almost magical. All too often these magical feelings seem to disappear into frustration and conflict. Before we know it we are in a relationship of diminished passion and connection. We no longer feel cherished. Perhaps boredom and frustration zap what energy we do have. Communication ends in deadlock, or even worse, pain.

IMAGO is a proven method of restoring relationships back to energetic connection, passion and hope. The tools of IMAGO are like a treasure often providing important immediate relief for the struggling couple. Understanding occurs and problems are actually resolved and dissolved through the flagship tool of structured Dialogue.

Relationships become relaxed and joyful as day to day connection is experienced even amidst the stresses of life. The powerful bond between the couple creates a sacred space for healing and transformative growth. The trained IMAGO coach gently holds the couple as they find their way back to the marvelous impulses of the romantic days and helps them solidify their vision for the future.

About Donna and David

Through their personal relationship journey, their years of working with couples, and their experience presenting dozens of Getting the Love You Want Workshops for a wide variety of couples, David and Donna share the information and vision of IMAGO with confidence, compassion, encouragement and passion. Their mission is to help all couples create a safe connection between them that is joyful, passionate and relaxed; bringing the healing power of conscious loving into the world. Donna and David have been married for 33 years and have lived the IMAGO journey for the past 23 years in their own relationship as partners and as parents.

Donna is a clinical social worker and has worked with relationships for 30+ years, first as a teacher and then as a social worker. Her gentle, warm spirit creates a place of welcome and safety where people feel inspired and empowered to discover their own path to wholeness and connection.

David is an ordained minister and a former pastoral psychotherapist. His move into IMAGO relationship coaching arose out of his passion for helping couples achieve greater fulfillment and the success he experiences with IMAGO. His fun loving style and disarming humor add an ease and safety to his presentations and his connection with couples.

Let David and Donna, through their contagious enthusiasm for each other and their belief in your IMAGO relationship potential, hold you safely and inspire you to a new appreciation for the real essence you and your partner bring to your life together. You can find out more about IMAGO here.